Futura Design x Royal College of London

27 June 2016

At Futura Design, we strongly believe in supporting the new generation of design talent within the automotive industry.

Fresh talented ideas are crucial to an industry which is constantly striving to excite and innovate. In order to support this fresh talent, Futura sponsored four undergraduate students with their final project models. Roman Boretskyy, Charles Purvis, Thomas Ellis and Patrick Carton were the four students who were chosen to have their models created in the Futura Design studio by our dedicated team.


‘It is exciting to see such a strong selection of emerging talent from the Royal College of London. Exploring their visions of future transport, and creating such thought-provoking and environmentally-considerate concepts’ Mark Abel, Futura Group


The Royal College of London held its annual degree show last week in order to showcase the Vehicle Design students final work, interpreting their ideas for a ‘future’ vehicle in model form. Amongst the 22 proposals, we saw a concept for an autonomous car, a supercar with integrated ‘last mile’ module as well as a car body design created with recycled carbon.


See below images of the supported students models:

Patrick Carton

Roman Boretskyy

"I was very excited to have my model sponsord by Futura Design, I had seen some previous sponsored projects by the studio and the quality of the models were very professional. My experience went very well. After completing my CAD data, I sent it off to be CNC milled by Futura. In the mean time, I had also 3D printed parts myself that I took down when the milled models had arrived for test fitting and a general check of the model, wihch went very well since I had been given some great advice previously on how best to make the model. Finally, it was time for painting, I had chosen my colours and after discussion with the paint team I was nearly finished. When the completed model had arrived I was very impressed, the finish and detail was very professional, the constant contact made the process very easy. I am very happy with the final result and would highly reccommend them to future students."


Charles Purvis

Thomas Ellis

"I want to thank you and Futura for the support you gave me and my colleagues with our models for our major projects, the show was a success with a large amount of people commenting on the quality of the models! I do not believe the show would have gone down as well had it not been for the Futura support."

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