Futura Group enjoys double birthday celebration across generations!

26 September 2014

More cake! Katie Rose extinguishes the candles on her unique cake, complete with picture of her beloved horse Brie 

Staff at leading automotive design company Futura are spoilt for choice when it comes to cake this week as two members of the team celebrate their birthdays within just days of each other. Separated in age by more than four decades, Katie Rose is celebrating her 18th whilst Roy Wilding will be enjoying his 60th.

Katie Rose joined the Futura Group in 2013, when aged just 16 she began an apprenticeship. At the time Katie Rose had just become the proud owner of ‘Brie’ a chestnut Mare and her new job at Futura was going to fund the cost of ownership. Since then Katie Rose hasn’t looked back ‘the apprenticeship has now become a permanent, full time job. I managed to pass my driving test recently and Brie and I are out competing regularly, bringing home the ribbons every time! Joining Futura is the best thing I have ever done, it’s changed my life so much and the people are just lovely, I couldn’t be happier.’

Roy Wilding has remained friends with Futura’s Chairman for more than 45 years

Senior member of the Futura team, Roy Wilding, also has a special relationship with the company and more specifically its founder and Chairman David Abel. Roy said ‘David Abel and I started out as pattern makers in the West Midlands many, many years ago. Our careers went off in different directions but we always kept in contact and remained friends. When I decided to semi-retire a few years ago David found out and called me, persuasive as ever he talked me into joining Futura Group. It’s a great place to be, there’s always plenty to do and the people are great. Even though the company has grown it’s still a real family business and it’s lovely to be working with David again’.

Everyone at Futura Group wish Katie Rose and Roy a very happy Birthday and look forward to many more joint celebrations over the coming years!