Futura Recruitment

The Futura Group's Recruitment Division was first established in 1998 as a direct result of long standing customers' requests for additional support on their design programmes as a result of the quality vehicles our in-house studio contractors were producing.

By this very nature Futura Recruitment is proud to be a market leader and to have pioneered the automotive design recruitment process with the same values that still exist today. From the earliest days of supplying select design professionals to now supplying across the entire range of design and engineering across some of the World's largest Automotive OEMs and suppliers.

We are proud to say our reputation has developed to the extent that we have become one of the largest Recruitment Agencies in Europe and continue to strive to discover the finest talent to succeed in the Automotive Design industry.

The Futura Recruitment division has been awarded the ISO9001 certification for the quality of service they are able to provide. This standard ensures continuous development and an assurance to all of our clients that each requirement will be treated with the same level of care and integrity.

Futura was founded by experts from the design industry and our offices are backed by a Manufacturing facility and a 20,000 sq ft purpose build Design facility, so we know from personal experience the demands and challenges faced and the kind of talent needed to meet them.

With a bespoke fully integrated CRM system boasting a database of over 5,000 professionals across a wide range of proficiencies in Automotive Design and Engineering we are confident we can source ideal candidates to meet all of our client's needs for permanent or temporary employment.

As a global business with offices in the UK and Germany, Futura are proud to supply professionals primarily within Automotive Design on a multinational scale, concentrating on our clients based in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Italy, India, China, Japan, Spain, Russia and South Korea.

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