It's a career in modelling, with a difference!

30 November 2014


Have you ever dreamt of a career in modelling? Well Catherine Grant did, but this is modelling with a difference, forget the cat walk and think cars, because Catherine Grant is one of a small number of women in the world who work on creating models of the next generation of cars we will be driving…in clay.


The job is highly skilled and requires years of training but Catherine is well on her way as she has already worked with some of the world’s leading car companies thanks to Birmingham based company Futura Group.


Catherine explained more ‘I’ve always been creative, even as a four year old I was playing in the sand box at nursery shaping and sculpting the sand! I’ve also always been really interested in cars, so I followed my passions and studied Automotive Design in Coventry. In was in the second year of my degree that I had the chance to try clay modelling and I fell in love straight away. In my third year I went to Aston Martin for a 10 week placement where I worked on clay models’.


Daniel Abel, Recruitment Manager at Futura Group explained more ‘Clay modellers are highly skilled and an essential part of the car design process, the Futura Group already supplies many of the world’s leading automotive companies with clay modellers and demand continues to grow as the pace of new model introductions quicken.’


‘Catherine joined us back in the summer of 2014, straight after finishing her degree, as part of the Futura Design Academy scheme. The Academy was created to develop the finest young talent in the automotive design world, we recognised Catherine as an exceptional graduate and so it was with real pride that we invited her to become part of our program.’


Catherine is excited about her future and about the clients that Futura work with ‘The Futura Group is amongst the best in the world at what they do and I am so lucky to work with some of the most gifted car designers. Clay modelling is a pretty unusual job but it’s incredibly satisfying and rewarding to take a 3D digital design and then develop it into a 3D physical model. Only a few people in the world do-what I do, most people have no idea what it is, but dad’s really impressed.’