Morgan Moonlight Mile

19 June 2014

Clark Abel, the bespoke luxury design arm of parent company Futura Group has commissioned world renowned artist Paul Karslake to produce bespoke art work for the stunning Morgan Three Wheeler.

The unique artwork pays homage to the American Second World War pilots and crew who faced a tense time when returning from bombing runs in Europe. Artist Paul Karslake said ‘The Moonlight Mile refers to the final leg of the journey where pilots and crew faced huge dangers as they reduced speed preparing for landing in the UK. With little protection from allied forces and travelling at reduced speed the bombers were often sitting ducks for attack from German fighter planes. I wanted the artwork to capture the mood of those moments and felt that the tail section of the Morgan Three Wheeler was the perfect canvas.’

Applied to the rear section of Morgan’s stunning Three Wheeler sports car the artwork is painted by airbrush before being lacquered to ensure a durable finish that will withstand the harshest weather.

Clark Abel’s CEO Mark Abel said ‘The Morgan artwork is the perfect expression of what our Bespoke Luxury Brand Clark Abel can do; creating unique designs for the most discerning customers. At first glance it’s difficult to appreciate that this is a painting and not a vinyl wrap, the detail is astonishing. Our resident artist Paul Karslake together with our team of designers can produce unique designs on all materials, even leather, so whatever our customers desire, we can fulfil them’.

The Artwork was presented to Managing Director of Morgan Motor Cars Steve Morris who will be displaying the panel at their factory in Malvern.

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